Cigar Events

With Michael Lington's 2013 cigar events being such a success, we are definitely planning on continuing this new tradition!

2014's main cigar event will be held on Friday, June 13th from 2-4pm at Prager Winery & Port Works where Michael will perform along with Cecil Ramirez. This is will be the only time that you will be able to purchase 'Michael Lington Cigars' so make sure you make this event if you're interested. In addition, we will once again have a Cigar Lounge as part of the Late Night Hangs outside in the back of the Westin Verasa complete with couches and heat lamps.

Huge thanks go out to Michael Lington, Cecil Ramirez, John Prager and Prager Winery & Port Works! 


Your Napa Team